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What to Do before Selling Your Junk Car


So you want to sell that old car sitting in your yard. Why not? You can make money out of it - not that big though, but at least it's not going for nothing. Before you have the thing towed, there are a few things you have to do to make the experience more comfortable and convenient.


Check for any personal possessions. 


This one is common sense but it's worth including anyway because a lot of people can really forget. Remember, once the junk car buyer has towed your car away, it becomes his, so whatever happens to whatever you left inside the vehicle will no longer be his responsibility.


Empty your tank.


If your car is still in running condition, use up the gasoline in the tank before the vehicle is towed away. Depending on your tank's size, the value of the gasoline in there can make up a good part of overall price you get from the sale. Learn more about junk cars at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrap.


Be ready with your title.


It's possible to sell your car without a title but it's going to be harder. You will only be able to do that in certain states where the need to produce a valid title expires after a certain age of the vehicle. Still, you'll have to provide a valid picture ID to make the transaction legal. This rule is usually applied to cars that have been abandoned for years, and the owners can no longer find their documents.  Know about junk car worth here!


Get parts that you can still sell.


The idea is to describe the car in the condition you plan to turn it over to the junkyard. But if the amount you can get for the vehicle is only good for its scrap metal value, you can always take some valuable parts that you can sell. For example, if you have expensive tires with some tread left on them, buy two pairs of old and cheap tires and rims and put them where the more valuable tiles are. If you have electronic gear like a GPS or a stereo system, remove it too and sell it.


Remove the license plate.


Finally, remember to remove the license plate before the car is taken to the junkyard. In most states, you need to return the plate to your motor vehicle department before they will cancel your registration. Besides, you may not be able to cancel your auto insurance policy if you haven't turned in your plate and registration. Know about selling a wrecked car for salvage here!